Do you come to these parties often?

December 30, 2015
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Don’t you just love cheesy pick up lines? I hope you do, because they seem to be a must in every New Year’s Eve party.

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_mg_6588 copy

Have you decided on your party dress yet? I am  going for one that sparkles and I am matching it with a pair of Chelsea boots to tone it down a bit.


_mg_6660 copy

While getting ready, take your time. Put on your favourite song on repeat, find your colour of celebration and maybe practice some of your best dance moves. After all,  the right time to arrive at a party is the time that suits you best… Just remember to smile (it helps a lot, especially when you are awfully late!)


_mg_6661 copy

Stick with your gang, don’t take the night too seriously and may the best party girl win!


Danai wears:

Dress: Topshop by Sotris

Jacket: Topshop Unique by Sotris

Chelsea boots by H&M

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