Always Daring

November 30, 2015

Today’s post has to do with nostalgia as this Missoni dress takes us back to the Swinging 60s. It was around this time that the mini skirt was introduced by British designer Mary Quant and, as fashion has always been influenced by the social changes that occur, the short hemline was largely linked to women’s liberation. It was also considered to be very practical. For example, back in the 60s the mini skirt was supposed to make it easier for women to get on to a bus and get to work… Today things are quite different but still it is very interesting to see how clothing can be used as a means of communicating aspects of a person’s identity to the world. In a playful way of course! 


Personally, I don’ t feel very comfortable in short dresses, I always prefer my good old black skinny jeans, but every once in a while it’s fun to surprise yourself by wearing something that takes you out of your comfort zone- it gives you the opportunity of imagining a different version of yourself. So today, my inner romantic self came out of the closet and said “hi!” And I guess we should always be kind to the romantic types of this world, shouldn’t we?










Photography by Marios Kalamaris

Danai wears:

Total look by M Missoni



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