Angelo di Spirito Rosa – What is your Gemstone?

November 10, 2015
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Angelo di Spirito Rosa is one of our favorite jewelry labels. It was founded in 2011 and can now be found in leading fashion boutiques around the world. There is something undeniably elegant and dreamlike about the Angelo di Spirito Rosa creations. They are minimal, clean and sophisticated while their dazzling gemstones give them a romantic quality. We visited the creative duo behind the brand, the “chief alchemist” Vassilis Tricardos and his wife “the witch of design” Mariangela Paravalou Tricardou at the Angelo di Spirito Rosa offices and we asked Mariangela to finish some of our unfinished questions.


These days I am inspired by the weather… I love the feeling of a soft sweater, leather leggings, a bunch of long necklaces and a cup of hot chocolate while sitting next to the fireplace.

My favourite gemstone is ruby… It’s my birthstone, and I love red details.

I try not to… panic.

but I always…. fail since I’ m always stressed about everything.

I will be spending the holidays…. in a tropical island with my husband and son.

What I love mostly about my other half is… his passion about life, family and work.








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