Anvisible – a dance performance that brings order to chaos

October 15, 2015

Tripodium is a collective of young creatives that come from different backgrounds. Their new performance is called Anvisible and it is hosted in one of our favourite cultural spaces in the centre of Athens, the KET artspace.

Maria Papadopoulou, the group’s choreographer, describes Anvisible as: “a dance that cannot be seen but can be heard , a music that one can see but not hear.  All the elements of the performance- the sound, the video, the movement, the sculptures- interact with one another and compose an orchestra. Through composition and decomposition, some sort of structures appear in the chaos.”

To us searching for the invisible on a Friday night, sounds like a plan!

Anvisible 1



KET artspace

15 & 16 /10/2015

Choreography : Maria Papadopoulou | Assistance : Marianna Varviani | Original Music Score : Constantine Skourlis | Visual artist : Vasilia Dereli | Sculpture: Ioanna Plessa | Costumes : Vaya Nikolakopoulou | Photography : Sioras Deligiannis Giorgos , Vasilia Dereli , Konstantinos Ν.Papaoikonomou | Posters : Marisa Soulioti | Dancers : Dennis Alamanos , Nadi Gogoulou , Paul Girard , Kleopatra Papapanagiotou , Maro Stavrinou

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