Denim Love

June 1, 2016

Today I am tackling a trend that has once been an absolute fashion no-no. But things turn a different way from time to time especially in the fashion world. Personally, I find denim on denim quite exciting, although I prefer to avoid the head to toe “suit effect”.




Having said that with denim you have a lot of different choices, from deep indigo, to light blue to blissed out bleaches. When wearing a double or even a triple denim combo the only thing to have in mind, in order to avoid an wardrobe malfunction is to make sure that the different washes work well together. If you manage to do that then it’s just about having fun!


Oh! And as a plus with summer just around the corner now it’s the time to find the perfect denim shorts.


Photography by Christos Tzimas

Eva wears:

Denim Jacket: Topshop by Sotris

Top: Topshop by Sotris

Shorts: Topshop by Sotris

Sunglasses: Sherrif & Cherry

Shoes: Nike

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