Eva Caridi @ Retrospection Exhibition

August 5, 2015
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The exibition, in Sala d’Enghien Castle Charles V proposed projects, in particular new and site-specific, of four contemporary artists for the first time present together. Retrospection is a reflection of the works of: Giuseppe Capitano, Eva Caridi, Davide Coltro, Daniele D’Acquisto.

With their sculptural installations the creators try to capture essence in different languages ​​and complex approaches.Digging in collective memories – those of nature, but also the senses with multiple approaches.

The Greek sculptor Eva Caridi, constantly aims to highlight sections of concern about the current human condition, using a practical investigative body that elects the home data analysis with allegorical mood. Preferring installation solutions that include the use of iron and plaster as raw material. The process that Caridi depicts in her work is that of complex scenarios in which human bodies move with apparent discretion to scenes from theatrical forms, searching both a dialogue with the architecture of their surroundings.






Artists in the exhibition: Giuseppe Capitano, Eva Caridi, Davide Coltro, Daniele D’Acquisto

Editor: Lorenzo Madaro
Where: Castle of Charles V, avenue XXV Julious Lecce
When: July 24 to September 6, 2015

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