Find Your Wild

June 16, 2016

White sand, which turns pink in some spots because of millions of crushed shells,  turquoise waters and rocky mountains. Balos beach in Crete is one of the most touristic destinations in Greece, but in mid june I was able to see it in all its wild beauty.


Crete is not the first destination that pops into your mind when planning a short weekend escape. Still if you manage to get in the right mood, which basically means not to make a fuss over the silly things, it is definitely worth it. Although you will not be able to explore the island fully, you will feel its aura, which is the aura of a unique an unusual place, untouched by the everyday complications. At least, this is how the island made me feel.

Just bare in mind that deep in the south you must be prepared to embrace your more adventurous nature. Well it’s the beginning of the summer and I guess that the timing is perfect to “find your wild”.



Photography by Dafni Anesti



Danai wears:

Bikini: Saha Swimwear

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