Just Announced: Karl Lagerfeld wins the 2015 Outstanding Achievement Award

November 3, 2015
karl lagerfeld

The Outstanding Achievement Award will be presented to Karl Lagerfeld at the British Fashion Awards on the 23rd November 2015. The designer will be honoured at the ceremony, which will take place at London’s Coliseum, for his unrivalled contribution to the fashion industry.

For over fifty years Karl Lagerfeld has remained a formidable force in the fashion industry and has taken the helm of numerous iconic houses.

It is his work at Chanel for which he is most recognised. A tenure of over thirty years has seen Lagerfeld’s unique vision transform the classic French house into a global superbrand. A vision that extends beyond the atelier, Lagerfeld’s influence has helped launch numerous supermodel careers, has redefined fashion advertising and laid down the blueprint of how to revive a fashion brand – revolutionising the industry in the process.

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