Ancient Greek Sandals Editor’s Pick

June 18, 2017
Ancient Greek Sandals Mezzo Mezzo Corfu

You know by now that we simply love love love Ancient Greek Sandals. Handmade, with the best quality of leather, while they always surprise us with new amazing styles. Here is Danai’s pick from the new collection. Have a look and discover our favorite pairs to accompany your summer dresses.

Eleftheria in Natural/ Platinum
Classy and feminine, with its fine leather braids looped over the toe and foot it allows you to feel almost barefoot, which is a feeling we all appreaciate as the weather heats up.

eleftheria jeantonic

Classic and stable. This style follows the natural curves of your feet. You can wear it with almost everything. This is a pair you can trust your summer on.

alethea natural platinum

Because you deserve jewelry for your toes :)

Screen shot 2017-06-18 at 4.33.22 PM

Apli Eleftheria Pearls
This pair is so pretty you just have to match it with your favourite party dress.

apli eleftheria pearls

The sophisticated choice. This style takes its inspiration from the architectural loops and curls of ancient vases and statues in Greece.

venus in black

It’s all about the antithesis. Black and gold. Bold and feminine. This is a pair that will get noticed.

melpomeni black platinum

Taygete Bow in Denim
Denim is a huge trend of this season and we just couldn’t fall for this style. Fun and modern they are a perfect match with your shorts or capri trousers.


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Editor: Danai Dragonea

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