Timeless Femininity by Wolford

November 5, 2015
michael kors

It is one of those mornings when I wake up and wonder: who I would like to be for the day?

I need to feel feminine, sophisticated and confident, so I decide to wear a beautiful classic with a twist. As I find the iconic Wolford Image Body in my closet women whose style and attitude I admire come to my mind. The Image Body is a classic piece with a surprise effect, it highlights the androgynous look and makes me feel fearless.


To light up my look I choose to match it with one of my favourites pieces, the Fatal Dress, worn as a skirt, in madeira plum colour adding a touch of warmth to the outfit.

What is truly great about the Fatal Dress is that it can be worn in many ways: as a strapless dress, a pencil skirt or even a mini skirt. But you can be sure that anyway you decide to wear it, this dress will accentuate your curves and make you feel comfortable in your skin. Choose what looks better on you and be creative! Sounds  fun, doesn’t it?



Eva wears:

Body by Wolford

Skirt by Wolford

Bag by Michael Kors

Shoes by Michael Kors



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